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The Economic Evaluation Unit (EEU) is a policy research organization within the Department of Economics at the University of Utah. EEU is comprised of students and faculty who work on a broad range of policy issues. Our policy groups work on forecasting, development, regional analysis, growth, and environmental economics. Research in applied policy targets issues related to labor, gender, health, education, poverty, and inequality. EEU partners include businesses, government agencies, and community organizations. EEU collaborates with the department’s undergraduate Statistical Analysis track, the Masters of Statistics degree, the Graduate Certificate in Statistics, the Economics Master’s Program, and the Graduate Ph.D. Program in Economics.


Discover More About The EEU

Regional Modeling & Forecasting

Our economic and policy evaluation is based on rigorous design from theory to implementation. EEU regional modeling economists work with state-of-the art input/output models that are carefully monitored to provide reliable forecasting and analysis. This combination of expertise and dynamic modeling capability offers a powerful tool to identify, interpret, and contextualize the effects of economic change. In partnership with local government, non-governmental organizations, and other researchers, our regional modeling and forecasting work contributes to smart and efficient policy for the Utah economy. 


Wealth & Income Inequality

Disparities in wealth, income, and opportunity contribute to a range of social issues and may themselves be evidence of market inefficiencies or undesirable outcomes. These distributional concerns and their associated effects have been the focus of EEU economists over years of research and public engagement. Our experts examine the inter-generational and demographic factors that contribute to inequitable outcomes and provide the rigorous theoretical and empirical analysis that will lead to effective economic policy. With ongoing research in racial, ethnic, and gender disparities, unequal treatment in the criminal justice system, and other key public policy areas, the EEU contributes critical research for one of the most pressing economic issues of our time. 

Health Policy

EEU health policy economists connect the university’s acclaimed experts on social policy, market forces, and health outcomes to the state of Utah’s physical and economic wellbeing. Our research on access, provision, and quality of care puts Utah families at the center of cutting-edge economic research. Through partnerships with policymakers and industry experts, EEU health policy researchers deliver clear economic insights to some of Utah’s most complex issues.

Workplace Safety

Working with the Workman's Compensation Fund, EEU research assists in designing informed plans for increasing safety in the workplace for all workers. Equitable protections from injury, disability, or death on the job are essential for keeping Utah’s labor market competitive and productive. Our partnership with the Workman’s Compensation Fund puts EEU labor economists to work for Utah’s workers, employers, and families.

Council for Economic Education

The EEU works with the nation's largest non-profit organization that helps K-12 students learn about personal finance and how the US economy works. Our programs build valuable analytical skills for students to take beyond the classroom as they navigate their own roles in the economy. The EEU is investing in Utah’s future by facilitating the economic and financial literacy of our youngest learners. 

Last Updated: 8/18/21