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Research Staff

EEU is comprised of students and faculty who work on a broad range of policy issues. Our policy groups work on forecasting, development, regional analysis, growth, and environmental economics. Research in applied policy targets issues related to labor, gender, health, education, poverty, and inequality.

Stephen Bannister

Associate Professor 

Area of Specialty: Economics History and Development

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Catherine Ruetschlin

Assistant Professor

Area of Specialty:  Labor economics

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Richard Fowles


Area of Specialty: Econometrics and Criminal Justice

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Norm Waitzman

Department Chair | Professor

Area of Specialty: Health Economics, Labor Economics, Public Finance

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Research Fellows

Yazgi Genc

Area of Specialty: Labor Economics and Feminist Economics

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Sheena Yoon

Area of Specialty:  Public Policy, Labor, Gender, Stratification Economics 

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Last Updated: 4/14/22